2019 Black B*tch (Blackfella Films) Designer Pete Baxter | Dir Rachel Perkins, ACT/NSW/QLD
2018 The Ropes (Lingo Productions) Designer Pete Baxter | Dir Shannon Murphy NSW
2017/18 Mystery Road (Golden Road) Designer Herbert Pinter | Dir Rachel Perkins, WA

2017 The Letdown S1 (Giant Dwarf) Designer Elizabeth Mary Moore | Dir Trent O’Donnel NSW

2017 Wake In Fright (ESA Productions) Designer Melinda Doring | Dir Kriv Stenders NSW
2016 A Place To Call Home Series 4 (The Seven Network) NSW
2015 The Code Series 2 (Playmaker) Designer Michelle McGahey | Dir Shawn Seet NSW/ACT/QLD

2015 A Place To Call Home Series 3 (The Seven Network) NSW
2014 The Principal (Essential Media) Designer Clayton Jauncey | Dir Kriv Stenders NSW
2014 Redfern Now 3, ‘Promise Me’ (Blackfella Films) Designer Felicity Abbott | Dir Rachel Perkins

2014 The Waler, The Great Warhorse | Designer Sam Hobbs | Dir Russell Vines WA/NSW
2013 The Killing Field (The Seven Network) Designer Felicity Abbott | Dir Samantha Lang NSW
2013 Redfern Now Series 2 (Blackfella Films) Designer Felicity Abbott | Dir Rachel Perkins NSW
2011 Watch With Mother (Revolver/The Glue Society) Designer Sam Hobbs NSW
2010/11 Rescue Special Ops Series 3 | Designer Sam Hobbs NSW



2012 A Place To Call Home Series 2 | Drafting/CNC Construction (The Seven Network) NSW

2009 All Saints | Set Construction Designer Ben Bangay NSW
2006 The Secretary | Construction | Designer Steven Jones Evans NSW
2002 Haunted House |Art Department/ Props Standby, Galway EIRE
2002 Haunted House | Runner/Prop Maker for Stunt Team, Galway EIRE
2001 Boghaisíní (series) | Art Department |Props Standby Galway EIRE